(x) "The Code of the SAMURAI" book cover - Blarney {self (Victor Z)}

Just curious to know what font is the title of the book set in...



Edit: Excuse me Adieu released by Hackberry.


It looks similar, but the lowercase e is different...

The ‘e’ in Adieu Two Pro looks spot on. Other characters are slightly off, though. Might be customized, or a different version:
AdieuTwo is a radical revision of Adieu which was a revision of my original font, Chivalry, that was traced from Chevalier back in the mid-1990s.David Bergsland @ MyFonts

It looks very similar, but I think I found it. It was called Blarney from buyfonts.com
Thank you! I liked Adieu Two pro

Good sleuthing! Looks like it.

Stiletto is another version of this typeface.