Design Nomad — 6 Months, 6 Countries, 6 Agencies/Studios/Bureaus

To sum up my thoughts, and the concept and plan beyond: After one decade in design, I intend becoming / being a 'Design Nomad', for half a year. One month, one country, one agency/studio/bureau — For six months. From spring to fall 2010. Travel X Design. New places, new people, new projects. (I will tweet and write/post about my time 'out in the wild'. And eventually these texts may be published later on in a book.

Design Nomad — 6 Months, 6 Countries, 6 Agencies/Studios/Bureaus /


Lucky you! And it could end up being the best thing you've done
in your life - I'm a big believer in the multifaceted power of travel.

Have you chosen the countries already?


Thank you, Hrant.
(I also think that this may become an important part of my life.)

Not really chosen any countries, yet.
(But considering travel costs, I should probably focus on Europe.)

However, the more you stray, the more you'll grow. I would
at least include Greece and Russia, and maybe even Morocco.


Awesome. If you can pull it off that's just a super idea.
Reminds me of a former manager of mine, who is on the road with his partner for a year I think, doing design events:
(Although I can't help but wonder if actually working in different countries, like you intend to do, wouldn't be even more of a learning experience.)

BTW, I don't really see how non-Europe is necessarily more expensive. For one thing, airfare isn't really proportional to distance.

Greece is definitely on my list.

And I really hope that I can pull it off, and everything works out. (But I still got some more time for planning and finding 'hosts'.)
I know, Europe shouldn't be the 'border' for this.

Thanks, Nina and Hrant.