(x) New Air France logo wide sans / similar to Gill Sans - custom by Brand Image - Desgrippes & Laga {Ben M}

Any idea what this font might be?

More pics here.


Dunno, Gill, mechanically expanded?
Look at that sad leg on the "R". :-(


Here we go. It's custom type by [[http://www.brand-image.com/en/design-primary-tool-for-building-brands-ai...|Brand Image - Desgrippes & Laga]]

I rather like the overindulgent flim-flam about their 'exclusive typography' and can't say I dislike the actual logotype. Hrant, on [[http://corporate.airfrance.com/uploads/tx_templavoila/Airfrance_Skyteam_...|closer inspection]], the type seems pretty well designed, though rather plain.