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(x) Very condensed motion picture soundtrack credits - (similar to) Helvetica Ultra Compressed {Florian}

It's a square sans font that looks very familiar but I can't seem to place the name. Identifont has proven useless with my query.

Any assistance in identifying this one would be appreciated.


Hi Mike,

could be Helvetica Ultra Compressed, though I must admit this looks slightly lighter.

I think the "C" is off for Helvetica Ultra Compressed.

Univers 49 (Light ExtraCondensed) ?

Yup, classic movie credits face.

Thanks all for your help!

Maybe it's the fuzziness of the sample, but the S doesn't seem exactly right for Univers. The ends (correct type term?) don't seem to reach high/low enough? Same with the C.

You are correct, but frankly I wouldn't know what else it could be. Different version/digitisation?

No, me either. It's not Linotype's or Adobe's. And it's not Bitstream's Zurich. Hmm.

I beg to differ. Apart from the S spine, the top of the A seems to be broader. Also, the R appears to be higher-waisted and to have a tailed leg.
Here’s a comparison of Univers Light Ultra Condensed and Helvetica Ultra Compressed. Note the terminals of J and S.

Darnit, you could be right. If we assume the type was eroded by the poor image quality Helvetica Ultra Compressed could be it.

I have also just noticed that starting from the medium weight the tail on the R in Akzidenz Grotesk Condensed takes on a Helvetica-like appearance (but the middle arm on the E is also too low).

Hooray! ;·D
Well, as I wrote before, the weight is still off.

AG is full of surprises, isn’t it? One inconsistent beast of a type family.

I love this site. Nice one, Florian.