Even fonts on football uniforms get noticed

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So my brother-in-law is taking me to the Cincinnati airport on New Year's day (yeah, I'm shipping him a good bottle of Scotch to make up for it) and we're listening to the Rose Bowl on a local radio station. The announcers are complaining about how hard it is to identify the Oregon State players, and one of them says that not only are the white letters with a yellow outline hard to read, but the font is ugly too.



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> The announcers are complaining about how hard it is to identify the Oregon State players...

maybe they need to schedule an appointment with the eye doctor

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Some fonts are harder to read, especially when the person wearing it is running around. What should be scheduled is interviews to replace the designer who chose that font.


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Don't take it seriously :) that was a joke

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Just in case any revenooers are hanging out here, "shipping" was a colloquialism. I'm not personally shipping any liquor -- that would be (ahem) illegal. Nope, I'm going to find an Internet retailer.

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Those fellows in the picture are all giving a mighty squint. Maybe they're the ones who need to see the optometrist?

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that font the ducks use is very slippery...

but hey, look at their colors! oh my lord!

still, the best part about the rose bowl
was that green-greener-greenest grass!

somebody said the color had been
genetically engineered. i believe it!


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It didn't help that Oregon's jerseys were the same green as the grass.

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the font used for oregon's uniforms
is quite stupid, no matter the color. :+)


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Belotti Bold is atrocious from a typographic perspective, but from a branding perspective it is very fitting. The ugly rounded bloated hippie font is consistently used on Oregon's every changing repertoire of uniform/helmet combinations. It fits with the innovative aspect of the Oregon offense. And don't forget, Eugene is one giant hippie commune!

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