Bread crumbs at the bottom of the page?

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Would the software Typophile uses allow the inclusion of breadcrumbs at the bottom of the page, as well as at the top where they currently are? When I am at the end of a long thread, it is annoying to have to scroll up to the top to use the breadcrumbs. It would be convenient to be able to access them from the bottom, where I generally stop reading.

(Yes, I know there is the browser back button, but I prefer the breadcrumb route, for some reason.)

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I suggested this feature a while back, too, and second the request.

In the mean time, you can save scrolling time going back to the top of a long page by hitting the Home key on your keyboard. (The End key takes you to the bottom of the page.)

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Home key / End key

Alternatively, Cmd-PageUp and Cmd-PageDown (on Mac – I assume there’s something similar for other systems).

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> Home key / End key

Sure, in design we always come up with ways to make the user change their way of doing things, rather than perfecting the design so that it becomes easier for the user.


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A good suggestion; we'll look into the template code.

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if you get a 5-button mouse, they let you do back and forward. I could never go back to a 3-button mouse, they are so early '00s :p

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@s0me0ne: you would love one of these:

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And to think that for years Apple insisted a mouse only needs one button.
Modernism is inhuman.


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I got really disappointed when I found out that their new magic mouse only got 2 btns..
not counting the scroll thingy.
I need my side buttons!
I generally love apples designs, but not that one.

Sorry if I got side tracked!

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That open office mouse looks like it needs some work though. The buttons all are the same size and color for the most part. I remember I had a RCA tv remote from the 90s where the remote controller had different color buttons, shapes sizes, and feels (some concave and others convex) for the different groups. I should of taken a picture of it, it was well designed, visually and tactile-ly (touchwise).

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I found a image of the type of remote I was talking about:

Sure its a lot of buttons, but it works really good for memorizing by touch or just glancing at. It was pretty wide from what I remember, probably the width of 2 or 2.5 modern tv remotes.

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> Home key / End key

On the Mac you can hold the Command key and then press the up/down arrows.

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In Safari maybe, but not Firefox.

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Hmm, should work in Firefox (works in my 3.5.7), as long as the page has the focus (not the comment entry box).

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Funny. It's working now. Wasn't when I tested. Maybe the focus was indeed elsewhere.

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