Mac OS X (10.4) Font Book character preview related er... maybe export problems?

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Hello Typophiles,

I've got a little problem.

I've submitted a font to a retailer and everything is OK - except the following message that I just received:

"When I install the font in Mac OS X (I used 10.4), the character preview in Font Book is completely blank."

As I work on PC I not really know what would be the problem. Export setting related? Other?

Could someone please help me or suggest something to try?

Maybe it is a simple problem, but I just know what would cause this.

Many thanks in advance.

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Don't know if it can help, but the character preview in Font Book somewhat depends on the "language" of the font. So a korean typeface would show a korean preview even if it contains latin characters too.
Unfortunately I don't know what trigger this behaviour.

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