(x) Blocky "Pacman" font - P22 Constructivist Block {John N}

I ran across the anti-smoking website "No Stank You" today --> http://www.nostankyou.com

They use a particular font that I've seen before (or at least similar-looking fonts), but I can't seem to identify it.

It consists of blocky, solid letters with geometric forms... the upper-case "C" looks exactly like Pacman, i.e. a pie with a piece missing

I've attached two images:
1) a screenshot of the website with the font in question
2) a screenshot of 'Black Boton Bold', which came up on Identifont, and is similar but not quite the same

Does anybody know this font? And are there any similar, free versions of this type of fontface floating around?



Here's a link to Bebit by Alexey Kustov, similar to Baby Teeth by Milton Glaser.

Awesome, I think @johnnova's link is the one I'm looking for -- thanks!