My First Blog

I sit here in front of my laptop on a cold winter night in Apopka (Orlando), Florida; writing my first blog entry. I wasn't sure what to write about or whether to specifically write about something font-related; so I have decided just to write something very general.

Since it is the start of the new year, I'll wish every one a Happy New Year 2010 and hope you get what you need this year - a new job (like me), love (like me), and continued faith (like me.) Notice I said, 'continued faith.' Oh, yes; I believe. I believe in things yet unseen. Mainly because I feel it's the difference between remaining hopeful and not being hopeless. And maintaining sanity in a very insane world.

As I read different stuff online, I often say 'There but for the grace of God go I.' There is much tragedy that occurs everyday. It helps me put in perspective what is truly devastating (the loss of a loved one) vs. what can be viewed as a phase that will pass (unemployment or financial challenges.)

I have gone through both and although I don't want to, will probably go through them again. Such is life. Enjoy the good times and persevere through the bad; and hopefully be able to tell which was which in due time.

In this spirit of thankfulness, I'd like to list a few things I'm grateful for:
- family and friends
- faith
- fontsturct
- the ability to lose what at one time I thought was the best job ever and remain hopeful that a better one will come along in due time
- the ability to make it through the ups and downs of each day
- the ability to still love myself even though I continue to make choices that don't always work out for the best
- the ability to forgive - myself and others
- the ability to still believe in myself

Maybe 2010 bring you some of the best that life has to offer. Peace.