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(x) 2 typefaces from Übungsgrammatik - ITC Stone (Sans and Serif) {Florian}


Could someone please tell me which two fonts were used in this book (for example, on page 6):


If the link doesn't work, just type Übungsgrammatik für Anfänger: Deutsch als Fremdsprache in Google Books!

Thank you!


Hi John,
that's the ITC Stone Superfamily (Sans Bold and Serif Medium with italics).

Thank you, Florian, very much!

I love this font and German type design. Very clean, neat, transparent. :) I really thought these were two different types!

You’re welcome!
German type design? Sumner Stone is an American.

Oh, I meant how Germans design books in general, the layout in that grammar is by a woman who works for Typographische Gesellschaft München. :)

I see. :-)
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