Font Forensics and the "Scarpetta Factor"

LOL! I was just doing some post-Christmas-present book reading when I saw this passage in Patricia Cornwell's latest book The Scarpetta Factor:

" should pay attention to fonts, like I've told you how many times? Fonts are part of the twenty-first-century documents examination, and you ignore them at your own peril. What they are and why someone might pick them for a specific communication can be telling and significant."

Maybe I can get a job with CSI as a font forensic examiner :)

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Talk to Thomas Phinney — he has experience in the field.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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Like Graphology but for fonts? I think it's more tenable an idea, since people choose fonts, where they don't really choose their handwriting.

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>since people choose fonts

Like this guy...

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Hi, Norbert!!!
I even had a headhunter from a law firm contact me about being an expert witness.


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Geez... I'd rather be on the Font Police Squad busting type crimes on the spot than post mortem examination.

Though I find "font forensics" during pre-digital era more viable and intriguing since setting type was less accessible to the masses and sources more identifiable.

The font in question in The Scarpetta Factor was Gotham -- just think of how many knock-offs and pirated copies are out now since the Obama presidential campaign.

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Yes, Watson, but why does he keep pointing it at his daughter?


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Curious though Holmes, after the restraining order he was Gill Sans.

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