Hand Drawn Logo for Oilily Which is Now Qelavi

We did this hand-drawn logotype for Oilily which will now be Qelavi in the US.

What say ye oh brethren of typographic love.


Just a thought- You might get better feedback if you upload a black and white version devoid of the shadows and textured background. Helps one focus on the shapes of the letters better.

I like it overall, but I would have been inclined to disconnect the swash from the O as to avoid it looking like a Q at first glance.

But it is a Q!

What’s the reason behind the name change? Wanna know because my GF used to photograph for Oilily.

I don't like the suddenly rising baseline, and there are some legibility issues (Qelair? Qdair?) With a new and made-up (?) name like this, especially one that doesn't follow orthographic expectations (no u after q), I think you want to be pretty obvious with the legibility.

Its been a long time, I know. Anyway… they almost didn’t care how legible it was. The word doesn’t mean anything and it seems a little fashion upscale to have a logo that is curious at a glance, but obvious once you know the name. There are lots of fashion places that have names that are hard to read like Bvlgari and that Oprah logo is indiscernible but you know it is hers.

Then again… they went out of business! Zoinks!