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New typeface Aeronaut: Blackletter meets Steampunk

This new typeface Aeronaut is like Blackletter meets Steampunk. Can't readily think of a use for this, but that won't stop me from admiring it.


It looks great! Reminds me of that mad Ludwig's Castle. European Chocolates?


:) dressy and interesting in the the small bits, but not whorish either

looks like the details start getting lost a smaller pt sizes, but even then its still legible

I'm thinking it must be from a historic source. There are at least 2 other blackletters that are like it on MyFonts with some very minor details that vary. None of them mention a source.

I recently used Aeronaut on a small project that called for a futuristic Victorian feel (think Tim Burton style without the darkness). Used it alongside Knockout. Very nice!

I was compelled to adjust the f and y after converting a title to outlines. (See "fly" in the preview above).


Thomas Pynchon's massive steam-punk novel Against the Day has the "Chums of Chance" floating all over the world in a huge lighter-than-air craft. Perhaps it's a reference? ;-)


Happy 2010, all you Typonauts!

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Very nice! Made me instantly think of Rheingold too.

Some little history on the style:

For some reason I thought of Terry Gilliam... Baron Von Munchausen. I like it.

That was an amazing movie!


Aye, Chris, great movie and Terry Gilliam rules. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_Gilliam