Typeface like Thesis / serif & sans serif, latin, greek, cyrillic

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Happy New Year!

I‘m looking for a contemporary BIIIIG font family like Thesis ( www.lucasfonts.com/fonts/thesis-family ) or Fedra ( www.typotheque.com/fonts ). It's important that the typeface supports latin, greek and cyrillic.

If you don't know any family that supports Serif AND Sans Serif, maybe you know different Fonts that may fit?

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FF Meta supports Greek and Cyrillic although its serif companion does not yet.

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PF Centro comes with Sans, Serif and Slab in greek and cyrillic.

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Anselm Sans and Anselm Serif support Greek and Cyrillic. And Typotheque’s Fedra Sans and Fedra Serif also support them.

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Sorry. You already mentioned Fedra.

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The family that comes to mind is Thesis. It supports Greek and Cyrillic.

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