(x) Wonderful Pixel/Bitmappy - Lilany {Kemie}

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I found this at Knitty.com and the editor REFUSES to tell anyone her secret font. I found a freeware typeface that is very similar called Teacher's Pet, but it doesn't connect nicely the way this does.

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Didn't find that font, but in searching for it I stumbled upon a really nice collection of diverse pixel fonts. Now I can actually see myself trying pixel fonts in a web design, whereas before I thought it was just a trend I was hoping would go away.

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Try superscript from www.vectorize.de
It's not the one but its good.

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You know what I just realized? Making an automatic bitmap font ID system should be possible, and not too hard. I mean once you've compiled a database of bitmap fonts, or at least their distinctive glyphs.


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another similar one (and imo nicer) here:

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Even if I never find out what the one I am looking for is, everyone here has offered really great suggestions and in some cases, some that are even better. Thanks!

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I found it!!!!
its called lilany, and you can get it at:

(Strange... very similar face and name to my lilabit :-) )

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Hi Kemie. Great stuff. But I couldn't find lilabit on your pixilate site. Can you post a link? Thanks.

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lilabit is not yet finished, sadly. I
wouldnt assume any inspiration, stephen, as strong similarities are inevitable in bitmap/pixel fonts...

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Wow, thanks for the link Kemie! Thanks to everyone that suggested other similar typefaces, you are a most helpful bunch! :-)

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I swear I've seen that before...

I guess not, I was thinking of Kemie Guaida's. It's close, but not quite:

There's also Miguel Hern

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Bangalore is still the world's best small pixel script.
But that's not it either.

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Nice work, kemie. Yes, I can't help but suspect that Pixelyn
was "inspired" by your work (assuming Lilany was designed
after Lilabit.)

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