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2010: Letterpress cards: Silver on Black for Projekt, Inc from Slowprint.com

Designed by Sean Costik of Projekt.

Printed with metallic silver ink on Hahnemuhle German Etching Black 600gsm.
The Projekt logo was 'double-bumped', that is, I stripped the rest of the plate off the base and ran the cards through the press a second time. The Heidelberg's spot perfect registration allows for this kind of extra hit. Few other letterpress machines can match the Windmill!

I generally discourage trying to print on black, since most inks really can't cover and there's no brilliance to the resulting impression.
Relief printing with opaque colors on a dark ground can produce very beautiful and subtle effects, but people all seem to want something that looks like it popped right off their laptop screen. Bright colors reversed out of black gloss... Hey, no problem there, but, uh, this is letterpress, eh? It was obsolete back when computers were still the size of a room.

However, I had been experimenting with a giant can of silver letterpress ink (bought for an earlier project, I explained that on white paper it would just look like a lustrous grey), and found that this ink was incredibly opaque. So when Sean sent his design, which was white and grey on black, I suggested we try the silver with a double-bump on the logo. I think it worked very well!

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This is very nice! Well done.