(x) Text and cover type in Zadie Smith's "Changing My Mind" - Electra, Estilo, P22 Underground {Yves}

I am reading this book by Zadie Smith — Changing My Mind
and I would like to know what fonts are used for headlines and plain text within the book.

I hate it when they do not mention what fonts used in books... especially in well-made + designed books such as this.

okay here's the text within the book.


Hi Kay,
your deep link is blocked by the hoster.
It’s better to embed the image:

ah.. okay THANX Florian

The rounded sans caps are Estilo.

‘Changing My Mind’ could be a sightly squooshed Gotham, no?
‘Occasional Essays’, however, looks more like Futura.

The serif text face is Electra.

"Changing my mind" is P22 Underground.

‘Zadie Smith’ could be based on Gotham aswell – modified in a Marian-Bantjes-inspired style.

Ah, Underground! Yessss …

... as found in the Gill Sans Alternatives FontList.

Why the heck didn’t they stick with Underground for ‘Occasional Essays’?


yes of course.. it must be P22's Underground.. I knew I recognized it.
thanx for Estilo

it says in the book:
Jacket illustrator: Si Scott
Jacket design: Richard Bravery

after a thorough look... I think it axually is Underground for Occasional Essays


so you will have to change the headline for this topic. FUTURA is wrong!!

Are you sure? It’s hard to tell from the sample, but to me, the ‘C’ and the ‘Y’ look narrower, the ‘A' wider, and the ‘A’ and the ‘N’ appear to be pointed. No?

that's strange?

I am looking at the book cover (see my scan!!) that is somewhat different to the one you posted.

Compare the spiral just above CHANGING and also the line that goes from the last G in CHANGING all the way to the N in OCCASIONAL


Well, I can only ID what I see … ;-p
In your new image, everything is set in P22 Underground.
Glad we sorted that out.

he he..

yeah... but you tricked me with your version of the bookcover..
so you cannot blame me

: )

My version? It’s the image you originally had linked to.

oh my Dog..
yes you are so right..

I apologize for insulting you like that and blaming it on you..
I am always wrong and left.. I am never right.

No worries, I didn’t feel insulted … ;-)

This last exchange is better than an LSD trip! :^D

I too love this design. And though this thread is labelled solved, I have to disagree with the ID on the font used for "Zadie Smith." As this was designed by Si Scott, his Hunter (Hype for Type)served as the basis.

I too love that design, and love to see the artists at work.
Find 20 details which differ in these two images...