(x) Extended, thin and neat-o. Any ideas, please?! - Lonestar aka Hellenic Wide {Ben M, Eric H}

I've seen this around but have only managed to find a really bad imitation. Anyone got this? Thanks!


Is it Lonestar?

Perfect! Yeah also found Archive Antique Extended but was looking for the clean version. Thanks.

This one goes by Hellenic Wide, too. I almost want to say that's the old-school name for it, but I don't have any documentation to back that up.

i had a classmate that was a fan of Hellenic Wide, and of ISO50
its really pretty nice if used well

I've seen that before. I'd really love an opportunity to use that font in print.

Oh wow. There are like 5 different versions by different people. Veer's lowercase looks more resolved. Thanks for the head's up.