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I would like to show you a work I did using my Wacom tablet and Inkscape.
There was once a thread about calligraphy software and I am sure Inkscape is one of the best. It works different then CorelDraw and Illustrator but I think is more close to the traditional way except the strokes can be rearranged if necessary.

And a detail at actual size.

I would like to see your comments, critiques and advices so please feel free to post them.

A bigger version of it (1600 x 1200 px) can be downloaded from my site.

Thank you very much.

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Well, I'm not by any means a pro on calligraphy, but I think this looks great. I'm not typically a fan of effects on type or logos, so I'd love to see what this looks like as a simple black on white, but the effect you have here is actually quite neat and does work with the calligraphy. My only critique would be that the T seems a little lost. I seem to recall much more stylized Ts in other calligraphy I've seen. I absolutely LOVE the K and the S though. Nice work on those!

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I think you are right so I have saved it also as a simple B&W image.

Thank you for your comment.

There seems to be some problem with uploading images to comments, maybe it's my computer or browser that's wrong.
Anyway I have placed them as attachments to the original post.
They are also inserted in the post but they are not visible.
Please click on their names to see them.

Thanks again.

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