(x) ID: Wired Jan 2010 - Slab Headline and body text - H&FJ Vitesse, H&FJ Exchange {Craig Eliason, Reed Reibstein}

I've hit a dead-end trying to identify these two fonts — I've consulted WhatTheFont and more than a few Google queries (I've tried searching the forum boards, but I get a missing page error every time that I do).

The first is the slab serif from the headline in the "End of the Air War" article on page 102 (in case you have a copy to consult)

The second is the body text from the same article (and what looks like most of the body from the rest of the magazine).

Thanks so much!


The slab is Vitesse, which only just came onto the market from H&FJ yesterday - your query isn't an astroturf job, is it?! :-)

I think the first one is Vitesse.

Second image shows Exchange by H&FJ, originally designed for The Wall Street Journal.

Oh my goodness, and I've been looking at all the Vitesse roll-out stuff all day — feeling pretty sheepish. Thanks for the help on the second one, too.

That Exchange setting is a mess: either it's too loose (if it's
set at normal text size) or it's way too light (if it's set small).