A few WALL-E fonts I'd like ID'd

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Recently I've been trying to identify as many of the fonts used in Disney/Pixar's 2008 film WALL-E as possible, and though I've had success identifying quite a few of them (as seen in this MyFonts.com Album), there've been a few I just can't seem to find through either browsing hundreds of fonts manually or using WhatTheFont. So I'm hoping some of the experts here might be able to help me out. I've tried to provide as clear pictures of possible for each font.

The first one was used in M-O's (the cleaning robot) internal Head-Up display, but as far as I can tell was only used for numbers. All the letters that show up look like Microgramma/Eurostile/Square 721, but I've posted samples of both the numbers and letters in case it's another Microgramma or Eurostile varient I'm not aware of that just has really different numbers. The zero and eight are rather distinctive, so I'm hoping someone might know what font is being used for it.

Second is the font used for Eve's logo/brand. Despite going through a lot of narrow and tall fonts on MyFont, I just couldn't come across anything that really matched. None of them had an "E" that was rounded like this, period.

Third is the font used for any display of the "A-113" Directive. I've found a couple that were close, but neither matched perfectly... Konstruct-Square (almost perfect, but the "A" is wrong), and Quadrangle (a bit too heavy, and the "3" isn't exactly right).

And finally, though I'm not as interested in this one as the first three, I thought I'd post it here on the off-chance someone might know it. It was used briefly as a security camera recording timecode. This was the best shot I could get. The seven is a bit unusual; but despite going through many fonts I could really see anything that matched.

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Any time you see something that's going for that 2001: A Space Odyssey vibe, think "Microgramma". It's a good starting point for any other type inquiries.

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Yep, they did use Microgramma (or Eurostile or Square 721) in the film at certain parts, but most of the pictures I've posted bear little resemblance to that font. They used various styles, ranging from fonts that look like Naval/Air Force hull lettering, to very odd futuristic fonts.

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The top two images do look like Eurostile, with relatively simple modifications. The letters seem nearly unchanged from Eurostile Extended Bold. The numerals use all the complex parts of the Eurostile numerals, and then smooth out some of the curved surfaces on the 3, 5, 6 and 8. A simple partial serif amputation fixes the 1, and a diagonal line makes a nice techie zero.

From other questions about Disney fonts in the past, it seems clear that they have an art staff that knows how to tweak fonts, but they seem rarely to want to spend the effort to design a complete new one.

- Mike Yanega

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As for EVE, it's possible they modified a parenthesis by adding the middle arm, and then just flipped it. Are there any other letters in that 'font'?

- Mike Yanega

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Unfortunately there aren't any more letters from that "EVE" logo font shown in the film, but thanks for everyone's input so far.

It wouldn't surprise me if those I posted might have all be tweaked versions of fonts I've already found... even on a few of those I'm 100% sure about in the MyFonts album I posted a link to it was clear several of the characters had been modified (predominantly to remove stlyized gaps from letters like A, E, B, K; and numbers like 6 and 9. SB Vibe and Saved By Zero were both changed in this way, and I'm quite sure they were used in the film. Even the designer of SB Vibe agrees, as he was kind enough to reply to my e-mail regarding the issue.

I was kind of surprised at the massive variety of typefaces used aboard the Axiom, though... in almost every other way, the ship is run with an almost military precision behind the scenes. But the real military has a ton of guidelines regarding typeface styles, what can be used where, and so on. The Axiom has so many different fonts in so many different areas, sometimes modified from the original and sometimes not; it can be a bit crazy. I'm starting to think the A-113 font was indeed Konstruct-Square, which can be tweaked just by making 45 degree cuts on both sides of the top of the "A".

That was an interesting article, riccard0; thanks for the link.

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