(x) Fat 70s display typeface 'Armchair Liberation' - Turtle {Mark S}

What's this? Does anyone know?



I don't know if there is a digital version, but it was called Turtle.

I've got a 1974 Letraset catalogue that calls it "Turtle".

This is really cool. Wish there was a digital version. Look at that "T"!

I'm smelling a fontstruct opportunity :-)

- Lex

Does anyone have a good scan of the entire alphabet? I'm working on a fontstruct version :-)

- Lex

What's the name of the catalogue? Are those catalogues hard to find?

Would be great if someone could scan the font. I was thinking about creating a digital version too!


It would most likely be the Letraset catalogue, showing which fonts were available as rub-down lettering. I have a 1985 version, but unfortunately Turtle isn't in it :-(

- Lex

It must have come and gone fairly quickly. None of the Letraset catalogs or brochures I have (and I have lots, going back to the Seventies) shows it.

I only was able to ID it because it's listed in Dan X. Solo's catalog. Letraset was never in the film font business (as far as I know), yet all their fonts wound up in film font libraries.

The M's pretty special too.

Getting back to this thread as I have a question:

Has anyone found a catalogue or know someone who maybe got one?

Thingy said it was in a Letraset catalog from 1974. I've got a lot of old Letraset catalogs and brochures from back then, but not one that shows Turtle. Apparently, Thingy has (or had) one.

Found the index page with "Turtle". Unfortunately not the complete alphabet. Looks like it was uppercase/lowercase too:

Taken from this site:

Here it is, Turtle, for your pleasure, from the Quick Brown Fox catalogue. Sorry about the large image, hope it helps.



THANKS alot everyone! Especially Atwe! Beautiful typeface!

"bd bonbon" looks to be based on Turtle:

MyFonts debut. Feb 07 2011. Turtellini NF.