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Hi all,

I have been set the task of coming up with a nice large website header, as you can see Im going down the typography path. The first obstacle I have encountered is that I am limited in terms of typeface choice due to it needing to be web safe. I am a big fan of typography that mixes sans and sans serif and also the quirkiness of playing with the reader in terms of where the eye goes.

What I would like to ask you pros is despite my limitation regarding choice of typefaces does arial and century work well together? Are there any issues that jump out? Overall whats your opinion?

This site is a godsend, thanks alot.


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I am not a pro, but mixing the two fonts works here, particularly because of the different tones used. "we are" emerges clearly as a phrase, but is the penciled arrow part of the design? If so it is unnecessary. I wonder if "are" can somehow be placed to the extreme right. something like this might read more naturally.

welcome - redup
digital media are

Also have you considered simply using type converted to a gif or jpeg instead of html text? Then you can use any font you like. With such large text sizes having the image stretch to fill any monitor resolution might work in terms of edge sharpness. Another idea is to forgoe the block concept, floating the top text left and the bottom line right. Have fun.

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Yes i had it in the design section also but wondered if it was in the wrong section, i can delete one if necessary.

aplogies, phil.

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i will use the other post in the design section, thanks phil.

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I like the idea, but unfortunately it also reads as

"welcome to redup digital media are web designers..."

...which makes no sense.

Sometimes the best approach is the simplest approach. Trying to be clever for the sake of itself sometimes detracts from the content.

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