Unicode Font for Hebrew & Greek

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Hello everyone,

I am in need of your suggestions.

A little background is needed: the University where I work and study is using the Angel LMS. The biblical language professors are trying to find a font that could be standardized for both Hebrew and Greek.*

What are our options, considering the following requirements:

  • Unicode
  • Must have support for Greek & Hebrew (must point correctly in Hebrew)
  • License: something that would allow us to upload to our own server and distribute to registered students only** / or system font (cross-platform compliant)

*They're open to using separate fonts for Hebrew / Greek if needed.
[EDIT] ** Through a secure LMS.

I'd appreciate your help.


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Times New Roman, Arial, and lots of the 'general' fonts on modern Vista/Win 7 systems (Calibri and friends).

"(must point correctly in Hebrew)"

Yah... isn't that the responsibility of the application?

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Theunis, thanks. I've been of course looking at these options, but things are "buggy". Here's an example of what I mean by "point correctly."

(1) Serif font (Times) in our Learning Management System. Displayed fine on a Mac, but not on a PC...

I realize it's probably not the font, but I was just wondering if we have any other options. System fonts seem to be tricky to work with (for platform considerations).

What's happening is the professor is entering text through an HTML editor directly on a webpage. The above example is the result...

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[Bad link] done by Typophiler John Hudson.

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Wonderful, William! Thanks.

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