Metroflex clone


Here's a link of Garage's http://Metroflex ... for those who don't know how it looks...

I know that many of you here knows about fonts more than fonts designers itself, so I neeed little help from you..
Is there, anywhere, a font that is Metroflex clone, or Metroflex double, or anything that is as similar as it can to this type.

My problem is that Metroflex wasn't made in opet type format, and as I live in country with language full of speicial charachters (šđč枊ĐČĆŽ), that's why I need OT.

Any sugestions are more than welcome



Try Klavika as a substitute.

Hi Mirko,

actually, there’s a OpenType version of Metroflex.
However, that doesn’t solve your problem: what you need is CE language support. You could try contacting the foundry (or the designer). Chances are they can add the desired characters, or maybe grant permission to let a third-party typedesigner do the extension for you. Among others, David Březina and Filip Blažek are specialists in the design of Central-European diacritics.

Tnx to both of you...
Klavika is a bit squarish, I was looking something like New June from Hubert...

Tnx again

Apex is very nice, but bit more like Stag sans, Guardian Sans...

Tnx again