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Spaced small caps in copy

I'm typesetting a document at the moment using a serif typeface with oldstyle figures – there's a few queries I have regarding abbreviated words and small caps. Bringhurst isn't comprehensive enough…

PhD - should this be set with a small cap for the P and the D?

PJ's - this is in dialogue, should it still be set with P and J in small caps?

OK (as in okay) - this is in dialogue, should it still be set with O and K in small caps?

I know a lot of this is subjective but it'd be nice to see what others think.


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Hi Stephen,

have you tried running a search (via Google or a search engine of your choice – Typophile’s built-in search doesn’t work at the moment)?
There have been a couple of related threads in the past, e.g.:

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