Gotham and Stag for magazine design

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I'm designing a magazine and I'd like some critique on the fonts used so far.
I'm using Gotham and Stag together I like them as heads and standfirsts but I don't think either are quite right for body copy. Would using a third font for body be overkill?

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I agree a different typeface is needed for body copy.

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I know you didn't ask for typography advice, but if you're going to space the Gotham caps so loosely I'd add more leading.

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Mm, I've struggled using Stag for body. It's great for headings. I ended up using it for brochures and adverts but I'll admit it doesn't work so well for immersive reading. I'll be interested to see what you end up using with it.

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You need to really pay attention to the kerning in your title.

A crude but good way to start with kerning is to imagine water filling the spaces between the letterforms. You are attempting to adjust the spacing between characters so that the amount of water is about the same or similar between each letter. Over time you'll develop a keener sense of balancing out the negative space.

It's a small detail but it helps to improve the tightness of the composition.

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Thanks Stephen, think you are right.

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