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Looking to get some feedback on a logo I've been working on. The company is called Edible Adventures - Mobile cooking classes for kids. It's pretty self explanatory. Client is looking for a simple execution of her logo. It has to communicate food in a fun way and easy to read. Could be used as signage on vans/store front/stationary/marketing materials.

Please take a few minutes to look it over. Let me know your thoughts/suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

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It's nice — no crit here really. I'd be interested to see some of its applications — how it'll be used on vehicles, cards, stationery, etc.

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Two bites should be the max.

BTW I'd remove the trap in the "b".


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hhp - i'm not sure what you mean by removing the trap on the b. I also thought about the two bite count but seemed unbalanced. i had originally bit the 'e' and the 's'. seemed off. i'll look at it again.


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There's a little nick at the top of where the top of the bowl meets the stem.
(We really need a way to point at stuff in images...)

Anyway, a trap is for small sizes. When you set a font large (and
you have the time) you should -generally- remove the trapping.


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I had the same through hrant did, I think the bites are a bit overdone. Your bite on the "v" seems a hair awkward as well, it just sort of shortens the letter and I think will get lost as a "bite" as smaller sizes.

I really like the overall feel, but I think there's be a bigger impact with less chewing. Maybe even just one bite? "Edible" already clearly implies eating and probably doesn't need one. Just thinking out loud :)

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#1 is a simple 'cookie crumb' idea. thoughts.

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I agree on fewer bites. Also, do you need the drop shadow? Not sure what it adds.

The alignment of the subline seems a bit coincidental? It might also be a bit small, depending on target size/application of this. Did you try using a secondary font that's less loud for the subline, which could also allow for it to be subordinate without being tiny?

BTW, how about a few crumbs lying around, from the nibbling?* I'd think adventurously eating kids don't leave clean white space… :-) But maybe that's too much.
(* Maybe those could click with the subline in some way, size-/placement-wise.)

Edit: Cross-posted, this post is in response to the first version.

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altaira - thanks. i'll look into the subline. i had a similar thought about adventuresome kids leaving crumbs. =)

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definitely much stronger with crumbs, i'd say that element is essential. I almost didn't notice the bites at first glance on the original version.

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Have you considered having only one bite that covers both lines ? E.g. the /e/ of the first line and /ntu/ of the second. Or move "edible" to the right a bit and bite from the left end.

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Updated. Let me know your thoughts/suggestion/preference. thanks.

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I like the top one very much, but maybe the crumbles are a little bit to round?

Also, this is just a though, but have you tried rotating it slightly less?

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Number 2 for me. I like the subtle hint at three dimensions the grey lends. Crumbs are a bit round, might want to just tweak a bit.


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#2 for me too I think, and I'd agree about the potentially-too-round crumbs.
What happened to the subline BTW?

Now I crave Oreo's. Argh.

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I like the 'depth' in the 2nd one, but I'd like to see a rounder bitemark & maybe a slightly thicker 'inside' of the s (the grey).
The perfectly round crumbs don't really bother me, but you might like to try to tweak them a little even if just for comparison.

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thanks everyone. I'll make some edits tonight. =)

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Revised the bite and added the subline back in. Comments.

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I like the smaller/rounder bite!
Would be nice too see the logo a tad smaller and with more white space around it.

The subline doesn't fit imo. Did you try it in italics?

Nit-picky, but have you tried a more random placement of the crumbs? Right now I'm seeing the number 5 of a 3D dice :)

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I agree on the subline comment... An italic might be better indeed & maybe the rotating angle doesn't have to be the exact same as the logo (I might try a less rotated -if even rotated at all- subline)... It's for kids, so ok to go a little nuts & colour outside the lines ;-)

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If the angles are slightly off it will just look wrong; and if the subline font isn't going to be the same, chances are very small the angles will match. Fortunately you can find something close and then skew it slightly to match. Or you could use a really "loose" font with no discernible inclination angle, like a handwriting font* or maybe a flamboyant cursive.

* Maybe this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stewf/4305557811

- If you could -nicely- chop the head of the "t" in "adventures", you would end up with a nice tight fit between the two lines.
- You need to work on the spacing, especially in "adventures". I might even make a custom "v" (a roundish form) to fill its space better.
- The crumbs are spaced a bit too regularly.


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bigbill - yeah, those pesky crumbs. it's been interesting trying to make them look naturally spaced/sized/shaped.

ill sans - i'll try and go a little crazy =)

hrant - i agree with the odd space between edible and adventure. i'll try your suggestion out. i'll look into the custom V.

thanks everyone.

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I once applied this nibbling decoration to some type for a rat and mice killing product i branded, so it has a slightly different connotations to me than the rest. The choice of typography is excellent tho and really portrays the fun and playfulness well.

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I think you should look at how the S is affected by the bite. The lower left of the S now only connects to the main part of the character with a very tiny slice. Perhaps you could try keeping this connecting strip a bit thicker, or try what happens if you completely let the lower left terminal 'snip off', so to speak. Perhaps rotate the bite by a few degrees counter-clockwise so the lower left bit of the S doesn't become to small, either.

I'd probably also slightly nudge 'edible' to the right, so the space between the ascender of the d in 'adventures' and the e of 'edible' isn't so tight.

And I was also going to suggest chopping off the top of the t, as hrant already mentioned.

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