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(x) Grotesque-like Font Unknown - Arial, Attila aka Avant Garde Gothic {Stephen, self (Thomas R)}

Hello all!

So I lost a font, and now I want to recreate the image I created with it, and I can't find it.

I built a basic "logo" using some font that is remarkably similar to "Grotesque" and used it on a website. Now that I want to use it again, BOTH remote .PSD files are corrupt AND my local .PSD is corrupt, so I can't access the file to determine what font it is.

I have over 1500 fonts and I've spent about 2 hours looking through them and nothing fits.

I've attached the ONLY sample text I have for it. I know it's minimal, but maybe someone knows what it is.

Thanks in advance.


Notice the vertical bars on the parentheses. I have not yet seen a font that has both these vertical bars (versus continuous curves) and the inward facing stroke ends on the parentheses (versus upwards or diagonal stroke ends).


The 't' is remarkably similar to Monotype Grotesque Roman with the end shaved a bit. But the parens don't match.

I regret to inform you that the 't' is Arial.

Thanks for looking.

I made a huge mistake. Those are brackets, not parentheses. I can't believe I did that, and with that knowledge, I figured out that the bracket font is Atilla, while the "t" font is Arial, as you said.

I'm kicking myself hard about the bracket/parentheses thing. Thanks again for your help.


I regret to inform you that Attila is a cheap rip-off of ITC Avant Garde Gothic.