Hey all

What's up folks. I came across this site recently and decided to jump aboard.

The idea of breaking down a typeface into its most minute aspects used to seem unnecessary. Coming from a web design background, I chose one of the 11 websafe fonts and pushed ahead.

When CSS came along and positioning became a lot more malleable a component of the design process, I began to see type in a different way. More recently, embedding just about any font into a website has become possible through various means including CSS and XML-injected Flash content. That's when I knew I should take this stuff more seriously.

So I'm here to browse conversations, and learn from what appear to be a community of some very learned individuals. I've already seen a few typography books mentioned as must-haves and will be picking them up sooner than later.

So my hopes in being a part of this site is that it will become part of my daily routine, and I'll pick up some knowledge I otherwise can't afford to get in a classroom environment.



Hi Justin, hope you find Typophile useful and fascinating. I certainly have learned a lot more here than I would in a classroom! :)

Thanks for coming, and welcome!