Portfolio Review — What is it?

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Hello all!

I am in line for a graphic portfolio review some time next month with a potential employer and while I'm ecstatic about being offered one...

I have really no idea what it is. While some internet searches have offered some help, most of what I've found is tailored to traditional physical art as opposed to digital.

I was wondering if you'd all be willing to offered some general advice. I also was wondering how many pieces I should bring. The email I sent had five, but should I bring more? And how does one "bring" digital work?

Thank you all—

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Take a large-screen laptop with you, plus have all the stuff on a CD or DVD to possibly show on another system and/or leave behind (with all the files both separate and compiled into one zip). Also put everything on a flash drive just in case. And even if you don't need all those parts, casually mention that you brought all that along just in case.


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Does that only happen on screen nowadays? Most times I've had to go show my work, I've been expected to bring printed samples (at least of those works not purely designed for the screen). This certainly depends on the sort of work you do (and the sort of work they do).

Don't show too much, but make a good and concise selection. And bring additional work that you don't «need» to show but could, in case they're curious for more.
For a screen presentation, I'd recommend making a PDF (or Flash, or Keynote or whatever you prefer) that you can show full-screen, and that shows off your work in a nice unified layout. No digging around for separate project files (but do have additional project files with you, in case they end up wanting to know/see more about any one project).

Extra nice might be to do a screen presentation but also bring printed samples to optionally supplement that. Like if you show a logo design it might be very cool to pull the matching business card out and show that in «real life».

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Thank you both of you.

Let me ask you this: Are ten pieces too few?

I have more, but the reality is that if I brought/showcased more than that, I'd simply be scrounging for "scrap" work, essentially.

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