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hi Typohiles.

I am a self-taught Designer. And my major work area is Illustration & Web. And i do have an interest in Typography.
I would appreciate if i can get some Book recommendations from you experts. I have been reading & following various type blogs around the webosphere, so if you are aware of books which are lot more detailed & still worth buying, please let me know !

Thanks ! :)

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The secret history of letters by Simon loxley, is a must I would sat, before you can move forward it's always good to look back and see where you fit it to the grand scheem :)

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A great little recent book for getting your feet wet:


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@Lozz, thanks, will check.

@hrant & riccardo, thanks a lot friends, those are helpful !
And also found this book called "Thinking with Type" by Ellen Lupton. Any thoughts about it.

Thanks !

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I'm self-taught too, and my advice would be to stick around! I've learned a lot from the great community at Typophile :-)

- Lex

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