"Qompendium Print Publication" - Which font? / monolinear sans - probably custom, similar to P22 Underground


I own the "Qompendium Print Publication Vol. 1" Qompendium , but unfortunately there is no Info about the used fonts in this book. The font I'm looking for is the one of the "Qompendium" Logo Click here for logo

Could someone tell me which font this is?



Isn't it made out of one of those old Neville Brody typefaces - Typeface 1, 2, 3 ... i can't find them on the fontshop site to verify?

Do you mean FF Typeface 6 and 7? Yes, they have that Mackintosh-style superscript O, but are too spiky and funky.
In overall apperance, P22 Underground comes pretty close.
Duty has the flattened M vertex, but isn’t geometric enough.