"Qompendium Print Publication" - Which font? / monolinear sans - probably custom, similar to P22 Underground


I own the "Qompendium Print Publication Vol. 1" [[http://www.qompendium.com|Qompendium]] , but unfortunately there is no Info about the used fonts in this book. The font I'm looking for is the one of the "Qompendium" Logo [[http://www.qompendium.com/fileadmin/template/img/logo.gif|Click here for logo]]

Could someone tell me which font this is?



Isn't it made out of one of those old Neville Brody typefaces - Typeface 1, 2, 3 ... i can't find them on the fontshop site to verify?

Do you mean FF Typeface 6 and 7? Yes, they have that Mackintosh-style superscript O, but are too spiky and funky.
In overall apperance, P22 Underground comes pretty close.
Duty has the flattened M vertex, but isn’t geometric enough.