MetaPhile: promises need to be kept

Bert Vanderveen's picture

When one pays for a T-shirt or any other commercial product on Typophile, one expects to receive the goods within a reasonable span of time. My payment for a T bij credit card has been processed years ago and I still haven’t received one. AND I have mentioned this often to moderators. AND I have mailed about this.

(If selling and delivering stuff is not your thing, then abstain from that activity…)

Florian Hardwig's picture

I haven’t received my shirt either. I had assumed it got lost.

Joe Pemberton's picture

Bert, Florian, we've recognized the difficulty in managing inventory and online orders. Which is why we took down the store with hopes of someday partnering with a group that can handle fulfillment better. (International orders get particularly tricky.)

I'd be happy to send you a refund check or mail you a shirt if we still have one in stock. Can you please email typophile (at) punchcut (dot) com with your preference and address info.

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