Möbius Strip Ampersand

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Here's some new work I completed this evening for a friend's wedding mark.

Möbius Strip WIki

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Thanks, hrant! That means a lot coming from you.

In regards to the Font Aid project, I need to check with my client first, whom is also a friend. Also thinking if I enter this into that, I'll have to go without the interior fill. Leaving the incisions as the color of the paper could be problematic. Are they taking every piece or being selective?

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Have multiple glyphs, each with one layer (although I don't know if Font Aid would accept that).


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That is gorgeous and has been added to the WLT archives.

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I love it :-)

If you need to go single-colour, how would it look as just the grey fill turned black?

- Lex

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Here's how I solved the FontAid one color problem. If I left the incisions as the color of the paper it could present problems so instead I defined it as an outline:

Thanks for the props on WLT, Tiff. Thank you, Lex for the kind words :o)

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Mindboggling. Love it.

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Thanks, altaira!

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