Font Aid IV: Ampersand Entries

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For those who have contributed to the Font Aid IV Project, I thought it would be cool to get a cheeky preview of what you lovely people submitted.

Its not necessarily a crit, just a place to see what different styles and variations you come up with. Feel free to comment how you wish tho.

I went for a simple, circley, wiggly, snowman style :)

And off course what a great thing the Font Aid team are doing to raise money for this tragedy. Good to know there's so many caring people out there.


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I submitted this one today:

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Here's mine, modified from my Ambicase project.

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I fontstructed something:

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Want this one? Just take it...

But it is a bit calligraphic


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I submitted two:

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elaborated upon from one I'm working on.

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That's beautiful Michael. Email it in!

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To whom Craig... I haven't been paying attention lately.


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Michael — The info about the project is here:

Font Aid IV: A Call to Action

You'll need to provide the artwork in vector format.

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Here’s a little something quite ordinary and mundane from me.

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Here is my contribution, a single character.

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Loads of different styles here and all very cool!

According to Miss Tiffany; the last Font Aid appeal (Font Aid III) for raising funds to expedite relief efforts in countries affected by the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunamis, gathered more than 220 designers world wide who participated.

It would be great if we could far exceed that on this appeal and hopefully raise even more money. so spread the word!


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I just sent in mine. Here it is:

It's based on a doodle I did back in the seventies. Never new what to do with it until now. Let's see lots more.

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I just submitted this – based on a doodle I did this morning.

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Here are 2 that I submitted a few days ago:

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Also, here is a link to a poster I made from one of then on my Flickr page:

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Here's something I'm thinking of submitting after I clean up the curves:

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is that ok?

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I like it, David!

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It's great to see so much excitement around this. We've had close to 50 submissions so far and they have come from all over the world. I can't wait to see the final results. Thanks everyone!

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@Jongseong: There's something vaguely Sneetchy about yours!



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I'll be submtting this tonight, as seen in it's full form here:

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Aw, this is lovely to see!

I wouldn't have imagined Font Aid would still be around now when I started it over ten years ago (!), but I'm glad it is and that Stuart and others have kept it going after I was in charge. I was thinking about it after the earthquake, and I'm glad to see the ball is already rolling. I'm definitely going to submit a design.

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I just submitted this one...

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My submission... I liked the irony of ampersand as decorative drop cap.

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This is how my contribution looks like.

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This is what I did (not colorized)

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from the Fontry

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my last ampersand submission

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Here's my submission, sent it in earlier today. :)

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Glad I didn't scroll through all of those before making my modest little ampersand; I would've been too intimidated.

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Good project, here's my submission.

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Here is mine. Submited yesterday (in B&W, of course).

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Here we go then:

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Great project. Mine is a bit grotesque. :)

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Nice work everyone! Over 100 designers from 18 countries have contributed so far. Keep the submissions coming! The deadline is still scheduled for Friday.


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Another idea I had today:

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Jongseong, that's an eagle!


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Ah, damn, I didn't notice this earlier. Perhaps I can still make a nice ampersand before the 29th.

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andrijko: Oooooh purdy!

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So I have a Sneetch and an eagle. Interesting. :)

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