Font Aid IV: Ampersand Entries

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For those who have contributed to the Font Aid IV Project, I thought it would be cool to get a cheeky preview of what you lovely people submitted.

Its not necessarily a crit, just a place to see what different styles and variations you come up with. Feel free to comment how you wish tho.

I went for a simple, circley, wiggly, snowman style :)

And off course what a great thing the Font Aid team are doing to raise money for this tragedy. Good to know there's so many caring people out there.


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I noticed there is a heart theme for some of the relief efforts so this ampersand ties into that. I thought it works better as a linking border than an actual ampersand, so this may or may not be the final version.

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Here's mine

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I know he would have contributed, so I am also submitting the Ampersand from an unreleased font By Jim Rimmer. The font was going to be called "Dubloon" for an edition of Treasure Island that Jim was planning. The font will eventually be release and titled "Rimmer" with proceeds going to a worthy cause.

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Here's mine I just submitted based on a quick sketch tonight:


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^^^ so thoughtful. (those ^s refer to two posts up)

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Your first one is a beauty, Mr Kegler!

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Howdy everyone, here's my shady roman ampersand. I enjoyed designing this for the Font Aid cause!

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Some off these script ones are really nice. had ago at one myself but don't think it works as well.

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@mightymoss, very royal mint. like it

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Just a doodle study for a series of ampersand posters
planned for spring.

All proceeds to help Haiti.

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That one is truly lovely, Alexander!

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Michaelcina and Randy,

Those are SWEET!!!

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*First time posting on Typophile*

It's cool to see such a strong response to a great little project.

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What do you think?

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We're well over 150 participants. I've been trying to keep of list of the countries we've received submissions from. I could be missing a couple, but here are the ones I know for sure:

The Netherlands
New Zealand

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My calligraphic submission:

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Phew, that's less easy than it looks like, here are some of my medicated curves:

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CurveDoctor: very nice.
Maybe make one of the hearts a cross?


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My humble submission:

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Thanks hrant, you mean like a plus sign? Sorry I can't handle straight lines very well. Here is a more calligraphic try, indulging in my curve obsession:

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hrant, you really give me a headache,

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integrating straight lines into luscious curves, it seems impossible

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My inverted &

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Here’s a little bit of organic, grid based love.

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It's my first post on Typophile, so hello everyone :)

Here is one of my submissions:


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One more I just finished:

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I see what you did there.

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Howdy Folks - my submission for the Project.

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Here's mine:

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One of my last submission

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That Haiti HAARP ampersand is probably the first instance of a conspiracy theory-based ampersand

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Greetings all, here's one from frozen MPLS.

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Here's my wife Joanna's continuous one line ampersand.

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Dezcom, that is an pretty unique addition, but the internet-voice inside my head wants to say something witty and inappropriate about safety-belts & segregation... It may be a bit much?

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To send or not to send. That is the question.

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My second one:

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