(x) Help identifying Cyrillic font - hand-lettered

Hi I like to find this font


Dunno, but I'm curious, what's the Armenian connection here?


Looks hand-drawn to me. See the repeating letters.

its not font, only lettering
for «Armenfilm», armenian cinema studio

It is use in all move (1968 Color of Pomegranates) title sequence and chapters so if its not font i will hand letter my project.
thank you all

Or make a font! BTW, considering the context, the huge
variance in letter widths probably comes from a certain
style of Armenian lettering. Example:


This font not armenian, this cyrillic!

Of course. It's just that:
- I was curious about the "armenofilm" in the setting.
- More interestingly: I was suggesting that the large variance in widths might be a cultural migration from Armenian to Cyrillic (especially since this lettering was done by Armenians).