Black and White

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Black and White

…. as long as you're "painting" the black you cannot really treat the White equally. No matter how you twist and turn while marking the Black, it can't be as ideal as marking their border.

Yesterday I came across your writing and I enjoyed it very much.
As you know I am from Ethiopia and I am working on a book about Ethiopian traditional neck crosses . In all this crosses the out-side shape is equally important as the inside form .
You can see this concept even more beautifully done in Lalibela
(12 century 11 churches cut out of solid red volcanic rock)
See attached Pic . 1 and 2
If you see this windows they use them from the out side and the inside so they have to be equally beautiful (Thee black out side , White from the inside) .
On the second Picture you can see one of the churches cut from the top to the bottom then from the bottom to the inside.
The next two pages are from the book I am working on . On the first one I have out lined it in red on the cross photo on the left .
I am trying to apply this thought in to a font I am working (Please see attached (PDF ) what you see here is only my second round work . I have work on individual Characters and looking the relations with other characters. BTW I would l like to get comments from all Typophile family . I know this font will take me at least a year but all comments will be helpful .Harnt I have also read you thought about Romanization of non roman alphabet/Writing systems .
My take on that is there is confusion on the definition of what is modern and what is western . What are your thoughts on this definitions?