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(x) Thin, Geometric Typeface from Westin Element Logotype - probably custom, similar to Helvetica Extended {Stephen}

I really like the minimal look of this logo and the associated type. Can anyone tell me what it is?

I've looked around on MyFonts and it looks like it might be a modified Nobel extra light, but I'm still not sure. Any thoughts?


This is most likely custom, but you can get pretty close by rotating the 'e's on Helvetica Extended.

Helvetica is pretty much always the answer to every type question isn't it?

I assumed the 'e's were custom, but I still don't think this is Helvetica. If you look at the 't' you can see that the cross is shorter on the left whereas helvetica has it equal on both sides.

There's also a similar 'e' in ITC Avant Garde Gothic.

It's very possible that the 't' was customized. These kinds of modifications are common in logo design.

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