(x) L'Auto - Vélo: Concave Victorian Tuscan - various alternatives {Tamas, Florian}

Hello all — can anyone id the typeface used for L'Auto - Vélo in this image? I originally thought it was hand drawn but then came across the same face in another book; Cyclists Touring Club. Brittish Road Book. Vol 11, published in 1898 (trying to source an image). Any ideas welcome. Thanks

Ps. while we're at it can anyone id the serif and sans serif used just below L'Auto - Vélo? Thanks again.



Concave Extended or Gladiate look like digitalized versions of the display face.

The serif looks like Clarendon.

In addition to Tamas’ suggestions: Nick CurtisSulphur Springs (based on Dan X. Solo’s Concave Stencil) comes pretty close, if you close the gaps.

thank you guys, great help

You’re welcome!