(x) Similar to Kit Condensed? / narrow flare-serif with stroke contrast - Lennox, Europa Grotesque {Mike Y}

Hi everybody,

I need to recreate a business card and my fonts says the company name is Kit Condensed. (Sample attached.)
I don't want to have to buy it just to type one line.
Can somebody suggest a font similar that the customer may not notice the differences?



Do you have Lennox or Europa Grotesque? The latter is closer, because it has a more similar S. I have both and I can set the line you need. E-mail me at bowfinboy (at) gmail (dot) com.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks, Mike.

I emailed you.


Tom, Sorry, I missed it. Can you send it again. Use 'seanet' as the domain this time. SPAM filtering may have taken it or I failed to recognize the subject.

- Mike Yanega