(x) Honey font ID? / thin casual connected script - Stobart {Marcel B}

Hi guys,

I could do with this font for the word honey being identified, looks like a handwritten/ script font! Many thanks in advance!


These logos tend to be hand made. Look at the different height of the line where the letters connect. It would require a sophisticated glyph substitution algorithm to do that with a font.

You might fancy P22 Cruz Ballpoint or Handsome.

Another, maybe not As playful but has some similar characteristics is Miss Robertson

It's called Stobart by Protimient (Ben Jones) and is a lovely script font based on the characters written in a letter by Mr Henry Stobart, dated 1899. More at the designer site: http://www.protimient.com/thefonts.php?font=stobart or at http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/protimient/stobart/

Hi Marcel,
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Good find, much appreciated.