Hand numbering options

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I'm working on a small first edition of a book and now that they're printed, the client would like to have them hand numbered.

So I'm wondering. If written by hand, what kind of ink?
Permanent, but that won't bleed through a matte coated stock.

Or perhaps one of those old-fashioned number stamps, but what kind of ink?

I'd love to hear from anyone with experience in signing or numbering limited editions or with suggestions for this.

Thank you.

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Black india ink should probably be as permanent as your book. Whether you use a nib or brush and what style is up to you. Are your hand lettering skills good?

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Hand-lettered, preferably by the author.

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There is no one author, it's more of a combined work. I do have good lettering skills, my concern is my experience with india ink going back to drafting days - rapidographs tend to spit sooner or later, and anything I have to dunk would have the same issue. Any other suggestions?

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Speedball, or better yet Brause, nibs need not be dunked, and should not. Keeping them clean and sharp is part of the game, but you can always just buy them new. You feed them with the eyedropper/cap thingie, just not directly over your work. I still use a drafting pen once in a while, too. I love doing calligraphy and have done it for three quarters of my life and am perfectly steady, comfortable, and sometimes even creative with pen & ink. Maybe you should have a professional calligrapher number them if this book project is not appropriate as a learning project.

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