Finding Modern Examples of Past Influences

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Finding Modern Examples of Past Influences

Hi there. I'm new here and it seems like a good place to get some input. I am an Adjunct Professor in Graphic Design and putting together this semester's curriculum, and want to match up some of the major past historic movements with some modern examples the might have been influenced by the style. I've been using the same examples for years and would like to get some fresh stuff in there this semester, but am a little late in making changes, so am seeking some help.

If anyone knows of any good examples of somewhat current graphic design, that appears to reflect a strong resemblance to a past movement (Constructivism, DeStijl, Vienna Secession, Swiss, etc. Not looking for a match to any particular style, just a (hopefully) great design that bears a resemblance to a past movement.


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You want fresh, or you want rehash?

If you want fresh, check out Marian Bantjes.


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New Vintage Type: Classic Fonts for the Digital Age
by Steven Heller & Gail Anderson

Filled from end to end with excellent examples of contemporary uses of classic styles. I've been going through it a few pages at a time and am constantly amazed and inspired by the work shown here. Huge range of historical inspirations (mostly 19th, 20th Century)- but all new artwork...