(x) "Le magazine double" sans serif / similar to Venus/Vonness, w/ high-waisted P, R - Dada Grotesk {Florian}

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Does anyone recognize the sans used throughout the french magazine "Le magazine double"?

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Hi Juuni,

maybe Vonness?

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I think it isn’t Vonness, have a look at the E.

Looks like Bauer’s Venus, which was a source of inspiration for Vonness, but I can’t find a bold version (besides the bold extended). See the medium at


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URW has a bold version, although not bold enough, and the P and R no longer look right.

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I´ve looked through several fonts, but find this one very tricky. It is possible to flip through the magazine (www.lemagazinedouble.com), and I found a thinner version..or at least that was wat I first thought..but the R is different. So I haven´t figured it out yet. Thanks for all the help, it is much appreciated:)

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Maybe a custom typeface based on Venus or Vonness…

Did you try to contact them?

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I think it is Dada Grotesk from Optimo.

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Ha, kudos to you, Florian!
I forgot about that one.

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Great, thank you so much!

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