Logo Crit for Cadre (center for advanced design & research analysis)

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The mission of Center for Advanced Design Research and Evaluation (CADRE) is to develop and execute relevant original research in the areas of architectural and engineering design solutions having an impact on: end users, including occupant well-being and user effectiveness; operational performance; and sustainability of the built environment. Dissemination of this new knowledge to end users and the design community is inherent in our organizational intent.

After much discussion we decided the logo needed to be bold, technological, and organized. It could represent in an abstract fashion the ideas of dissemination, the center point for emerging ideas, a surveyors benchmark, form which new directions are established and buildings built.

Also, it is important to establish Cadre as a word and not just an acronym. Cadre vs C.A.D.R.E.

My concept originated from abstracted arrows that pointed to new directions, all emanating form the word Cadre.

Color has not been applied yet. There is no budget for this. I am working on this probono through my firm.

I would love to hear some thoughts from any one out there. Does it read? Should it be less legible? more? any comments.


C L Jones

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With the parameters you have to work with, that is a good start. I like the fact that the isometric direction keeps changing. It looks too thin, though. I know that architects like slick forms, but I would doudle the weight of the logo. Try that and see if I'm wrong.

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But will it fax?

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@ Tomi

The weight of the mark is something i have been having trouble with. If it gets to heavy it looses something, so finding that happy medium has been rough. Here is a heavier version.

@ Cuttlefish

Sure it will fax. If you know how to operate a fax machine. If you are referring to the fact that the light gray might drop out, well you might be right. I will look at that when i start applying color.

Thanks guys.

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This is looking interesting, but I'm bothered by the gray lines being flat rather than isometric. I say that as someone with a degree in architecture so it's something that stands out to me immediately.

Also, have you looked at it as one color rather than the gray and black? I think it might be a bit more impactful that way.

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