(x) Generic Slab Font needed to be Identified - Berthold Baskerville {Nina}

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I know I've seen this one a million times but just can pin it.. any help?

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ah! I think youre right. I've been searching there for a 1/2hr. Thanks much!

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You're welcome. BTW, WhatTheFont gets pretty close for this.
The BE version is quite similar too, but the BQ has the inktraps, and looking at your "M" that's probably a closer match. There might be other versions, but I think the general direction is right. :)

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The BE version is exactly it, the R and D are identical. Nice work!

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I'm surprised to learn that the BE and BQ versions of Berthold fonts are different. What's the reason for two abbreviations? Was one of them the Adobe/Berthold version?

- Mike Yanega

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I don't know what "BE" and "BQ" means actually, I was just lookin' at the pictures. :)
I was sorta hoping for someone to explain.

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@Mike, Nina: BQ = Berthold Quality, BE = Berthold Exklusiv, whatever that means. Also see the FAQ at bertholdtypes.com. It’s a mess. This place apparently isn’t run by type users, let alone designers.

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