Rules for Small Caps

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When using small caps to represent numbers what is the rule for a representing a phrase like "5-day forecast"? Would just the "5" be in small caps or would "5-day" be in them?

Thoughts? A resource to direct me to? I checked The Elements of Typographic Style but couldn't find a specific answer to this.

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I am having problems with the concept of small caps and numbers. Do you mean old style numbers? Small caps are, by definition, letters only.

Generally you will use old style numerals when you are using small caps. If the word DAY was in capitals otherwise, you would put it into small caps. If it was not, you would leave it lower case. What you want to avoid is a large group of consecutive full capital letters, which create a dark spot in the color of the page.

BTW, this question would have fit into the General discussion forum, and you might want to repost it there. By now it would have had 100 responses, instead of my lonely, late one. This forum is more used for educational (think schools) issues, and rarely visited.

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Thanks for the input! This is helpful.

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