(x) Jack and Jill Font / curly handwritten monolinear serif - probably custom, various alternatives {J Bradley J, Mike Y}

Hi there! I have been SEARCHING high and low for this font and can't find it anywhere! I have it as an embroidery design, but would like to match it in true type font so I can use it in my other embroidery program. If you search for Jack and Jill font you only come up with the embroidery font option-not what I need. I'm sure there has to be a match out there somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it. Any help or suggestions?


I think it's likely that this is a custom embroidery, and there's not a match out there anywhere.

I'm inclined to agree, although this sort of look is common enough in scrapbooking fonts. I found one free and two commercial fonts that might be close enough to use as substitutes, but not if you HAVE to match your sample. The freebie is Pizzadude's http://Love Letters. The commercial fonts are http://Sugar Shack by Bob Alonso,and http://Amore from ParaType.

If you study the Love Letters or Sugar Shack fonts, and imagine a few changes, like adding serifs, you can see how perhaps this font of yours might have been developed as a custom font 'inspired' by one of these others.

- Mike Yanega